Is it Fall yet?


no? it’s not even September yet?


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wedding plans // color palette

I figured since time is flying by and our wedding is now less than 10 months away, I better start cracking on some plans. So last night, I rummaged through my Pinterest boards and decided on a color palette. It’s a start!

life lately // 01: summertime

summer is flying by! but that’s okay, because I can’t wait for fall : )

Stop and smell the Sharpie

This month, I was asked to design the poster to promote CSCA‘s July Event with speaker, Timothy Goodman. It was a lot of fun to get out of my comfort zone (aka the computer) and work in an unfamiliar medium: the Sharpie (Goodman’s forte). The event is tonight in Columbus, where Goodman will be speaking about the dichotomy between working in branding and at Apple and finding his own voice through illustration work. If you can’t make it, go check out Tim’s work and read this fun interview with him on the Sharpie Blog.

good vibrations.


feelin’ the love + positive vibes today.

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America the Beautiful.

 Have a safe and happy 4th of July!
 I will be celebrating our nation’s independence with some good friends and good food.
blonde  |  fireworks  |  girl |  shots  |  shorts

one year.

one year from today, I get to marry this guy.

can’t. wait.